Reset HP Lights-Out 100 (LO-100) Admin Password

Here’s a lesson on what can happen when your RDP’d in to multiple networks working on completely different projects at the same time. In the process of wrapping up my LeftHand SAN deployment which consisted of 3 HP DL185 servers with embedded Lights-Out 100 adapters for remote console access I managed to change the admin account password to something other than what it was supposed to be for that client’s network. HP support gave me the re-flash solution which was not successful, I even found someone declaring that the only way to recover it would be to replace the system board which I figured was absurd. Turns out you can use Intel’s IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Module) test utility to manage the controller settings as long as you can reboot the server in to DOS mode. You can download the utility from Intel here:

Formatted my USB flash drive using HP’s Bootable USB Flash Drive utility, copied IPMITool.exe to it and rebooted to a good old DR DOS prompt. To reset the default admin account password back to its default setting, “admin”, run the following command:

ipmitool 20 18 47 03 02 61 64 6d 69 6e 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

You can also view the user list on the contoller and re-enable the admin id if you’ve disabled it by mistake.

List users:

ipmitool -v user list

Enable user 6 (admin):

ipmitool -v user enable 6

Change user 6 (admin) password:

ipmitool -v user set password 6 admin


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