Twitter is dead to me ;)

At this point Twitter is nothing new and although I don't "tweet" I have had an account for a year+ as I was trying to figure out how this once new social networking concept would affect the Internet ecosystem. My summation, just another time and productivity killer and here's why (in my opinion); there are already numerous ways of disseminating useful information to interested parties like e-mail (old faithful), sms and rss and even the numerous chat clients out there as I've seen several of my twitter subscriptions seem to turn in to just that. What do tweets have over those old fashioned technologies other than its 140 character limit on messages? Nothing. And along with its lack of real value in my opinion is the way some people use it. I subscribed (follow in twitter terms or used to at least) a couple of virtualization and .NET programming "experts" hoping to pick up some insights or catch on to some new emerging technologies or concepts and instead I was kept up on their holiday shopping endeavors or just fed links to news announcements from other news sites I already follow (through daily e-mail and RSS updates). And now to add to the situation Twitter offers a retweet function so you can just tweet something somebody else already tweeted and all your friends can as well and before you know it you will all be just tweeting retweets of system messages from Twitter and they will control the world ;) Now I know the star watchers out there love getting a tweet from there favorite actor, singer or sports star about how they are waiting outside Starbucks while their assistant grabs them a double mocha latte and maybe thats all this is for (kind of like all those brain cell killing games on Facebook) but I never was one for that kind of stuff so I guess thats why I really don't get this Twitter thing. Seriously though, I'm not ready to delete my account and give up my username yet but I am turning off my notifications, if nothing useful is going to come of it I might better waste my time reading any of the other dozens of e-mail broadcasts and RSS feeds in my inbox. Tweet Tweet.

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